Site Style
Hello, who is familiar with this feeling, - I have a nice designed website, made by some wizz-kid somewhere in the neighbourhood, but this kid has already grown up, and has no more time to update your website. Problem? You can handle this task yourself to make it happen. But why should you?. You have a business to run and you like to spend your time on your company and your family.

So you can negotiate with an expensive website-designcompany so see what can done with your site. In the first instance, this office will have to deepen in all sorts of technical highlights and additives that have been made to make your website attractive to your clients. This takes a lot of time and will cost you a lot of money.

Moreover a number of substantive information block-systems may be no longer up to date. The company building might have been changed, the composition of staff has been modified, and pictues on the site are due to change.

Why restylen/pimp
  • restyling of your website
  • updating your information
  • color restyle, other navigation menu
  • translate to German or English
  • error tracing
Further information?
Of course not everything can be clear now. So it seems obvious that you want further information concerning the possibilities.

Click here to gain more information or decide making an appointment, to review your website.

About me
My name is Jean Wertz, started almost 10 years ago like the kid mentioned above to create some websites, also with some technical additives that makes a website mostly attractive. Soon in my neighborhood there was a need to create a website for a local association. Then the local carnival association needed also an entirely new Internet site. A good friend of my wife started her own practice, and needed immediately her own site on the web. Including translating some specific software from Dutch into English gave me the passion to start these activities.