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Website translation
Why translate your website?

Websites are as varied as the internet. A website will often contain straightforward, more difficult and challenging text. If you are thinking about having your website translated into German or English, please send us the URL (web address) of your site and we'll provide you with a free quote (ask us for a quote via e-mail). Please tell us whether you would like the entire site translating or just some particular sections.

It would be desirable to have a multilingual website, so your external realtions and customers are able to read und understand your website in their own language.
Standard used languages are Dutch, German and English

Translation of a website requires effort and so it will cost you money. You can reduce these costs to a minimum by translating the content of your website yourself and then implement the content in your website, with a startingpage where visitors may choose from the available languages. You may also decide to pimp/restyle your website and include some translation at once.

Exact prices are not available because one website is not similar to the other.

Software translations
  • CloneDVD
  • WinAvi DVD copy
  • WinAvi Video Converter
  • ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]
  • Registry Mechanic
  • BPS convert
  • RS-Somnifero
  • EASY-Html
  • EASY-Cleaner
Further information?
Of course not everything can be clear now. So it seems obvious that you want further information concerning the possibilities.

Click here to gain more information or decide making an appointment, to review your website.